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It was a privilege for CDA to collaborate with Viet Nam National Lung Hospital, Vietnam's premier center for respiratory health, on a project that encompassed branding and website enhancement. Tasked with refining their brand and digital presence, we aimed to deepen connections with their audience by blending the hospital's established identity with modern touches, making it more engaging and accessible across all platforms.

Revised logo for Vietnam National Lung Hospital, designed by CDA.

Our Approach

As a dynamic creative team, we were thrilled to closely collaborate with the leadership at Bệnh viện Phổi Trung Ương. Our approach to the branding project was fueled by inspiration drawn from our discussions with the hospital's heads. Working hand in hand, we ensured the new branding system was modern yet closely aligned with their vision, striking a balance between being contemporary without veering too far from the hospital’s original ethos.

Modernized logo for Vietnam National Lung Hospital (VNLH), emphasizing health and safety

Application of the updated logo on hospital uniforms and documents

logo extention

The redesigned logo is a key highlight, where the "P" in "Phổi" transforms, inspired by the natural flow of bronchi and blood vessels, with a gradient that adds a touch of modernity and vitality. The logo, alongside the modern and readable Montserrat font, ensures that VNLH's brand identity is both beautiful and functional, suitable for digital and physical mediums, and effective in both internal and external communications.

Branding elements applied to promotional items and staff badges

color system

Branding color palette for Vietnam National Lung Hospital

Color plays a vital role in the new identity, with green sticky rice representing health and safety, and lotus pink adding warmth and care, particularly in communications related to children and women's health. These choices reflect VNLH's dedication to providing compassionate and comprehensive care.

typography system

Typography choices for Vietnam National Lung Hospital

visual system

Building on the same inspiration as our logo redesign, we crafted a visual system that strikes a harmonious balance between BVPTW's established identity and a fresh, youthful essence. Our visual motif celebrates the act of breathing, featuring abstract representations of bronchial patterns and blood vessels. These elements symbolize the vitality and rhythm intrinsic to life itself.

Visual motif for Vietnam National Lung Hospital celebrating the vitality of breathing

Visual motifs: stylized lungs and bronchial patterns for VNLH

Vietnam National Lung Hospital branding on social media

brand application

Public awareness posters for Vietnam National Lung Hospital

Public awareness posters for Vietnam National Lung Hospital

Public awareness posters for Vietnam National Lung Hospital

We've taken Vietnam National Lung Hospital's fresh look from our redesign and spread it across social media and the press. Now, every post, photo, and announcement you see online matches the welcoming, professional vibe we created for their website. It's all about making VNLH’s caring and innovative spirit stand out, wherever you find them online.

The hospital branding on social media

The hospital branding on social media

website development

For Vietnam National Lung Hospital, stepping into a new digital era meant breaking away from the typical healthcare website's cold and impersonal feel. Our challenge was to create a space online that not only looked professional and welcoming but also functioned perfectly on any device. The website is fully responsive and completely reimagined visually & functionally, with remapped UX and digital features to meet a more diverse audience - ranging from patients and doctors to experts and partnering institutions. By achieving this, we've ensured the website effectively supports both internal and external communications.

Enhanced digital experience on the Vietnam National Lung Hospital website

Homepage offering comprehensive health information and services

Clear information and easy navigation across website pages

Clear information and easy navigation across website pages

Brand Identity & Website

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Minh Nguyen

Creative Director

An Bui

Tech Director

Nam Nguyen

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Hien Do

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Back-end Engineer

Viet Nguyen

Special thanks to

Dr. Cuong

Mrs. Khanh and VNLH social dept

Mr. Tung and VNLH IT dept

Ngo Minh Hieu (HieuPC)

and others who have contributed to this project