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In this project, we worked with Larry McAlister, an HR expert and consultant based in Silicon Valley to create his new personal branding. Larry describes himself as a “Corporate Humanist”, and values human-centered and tech-enabled management approach.

The goal is to solidify Larry McAlister as an innovator in the HR landscape and craft a consistent brand identity that encapsulates Larry's persona and underscores his role in pioneering the future of developing robust and effective business HR infrastructures.



The challenge involved distilling Larry's "Corporate Humanism" philosophy into a brand identity that resonates with HR professionals, corporate leaders, and event organizers alike. It was crucial to strike the right balance between human-centered values and the integration of advanced technology in HR.

Our objective was to create a branding system that not only reflects the core values of Larry McAlister as an HR expert but also positions him as a futurist pioneering AI-driven transformations in HR. The branding needed to resonate with a progressive, tech-management approach, supporting his role as a thought leader and his forthcoming book launch.

Larry McAlister brand identity: modern and human-centric

From the outset, we developed three distinct design directions, each reflecting a different aspect of Larry’s personality and his visionary approach to HR.

Moodboard for Larry McAlister

Concept A - Enabling Human-Centric Tech Solutions

This concept reflects Larry's unique expertise in blending advanced AI with human resources to empower businesses. This approach puts the human aspect at the core, acknowledging the value of human touch in technological advancement.

Concept A visualization: human-centric tech solutions in action

Concept B - Empowering Human Connections in the Digital Age

This concept celebrates your vision of harmonizing human interactions and technology in the workplace. It underlines the belief that successful integration of technology in all work aspects fosters more meaningful human connections.

Concept B display: fostering human connections digitally

Concept C - Fostering Growth with Tech-Driven Strategies.

Our final concept mirrors Larry's expertise in developing robust and effective business HR infrastructures. It signifies his ability to help businesses grow from their very core. In this design, we incorporate progressive block elements that symbolize the construction of a strong foundation, emulating the process of business development and growth.

Concept C showcase: building growth through technology

After discussion, we agreed that Concept A plays a pivotal role and most comprehensively encapsulates Larry's core values.

Final logo design for Larry McAlister

Final logo design for Larry McAlister

Larry McAlister professional business cards

Larry McAlister professional business cards

As a brand that resonates strongly with a professional audience, the design maintains clean lines and readability, ensuring it is approachable yet dynamic enough to engage Larry’s target demographic effectively. The logo for Larry McAlister leverages the Inter typeface as the primary typographic choice, presenting a modern and authoritative look that embodies trust. The inclusion of a stylized 'A' in an instrument serif introduces a sense of humanity and energy, aligning with Larry's human-centric values. This thoughtful design approach solidifies the branding as both human-oriented and professionally appealing.

Color palette for Larry McAlister brand identity

typography system

Typography design for Larry McAlister brand

Typography design for Larry McAlister brand

Larry McAlister: Inspiring human-tech synergy

Larry McAlister: Inspiring human-tech synergy

visual system

The visual system of the branding utilizes a free-flowing line that mimics human handwriting, symbolizing a thoughtful, innovative, and human-centric approach. This element introduces a playful yet stable aesthetic, which perfectly complements the overarching strategy. By doing so, it reinforces the brand's attributes of intelligence, innovation, and accessibility, effectively communicating Larry McAlister's core values to his audience.

The visual motif of Larry McAlister: Human and Digital

Dot system visualizing network and community

Brand applications give an overview of Larry McAlister's image

Larry McAlister branded notebooks

user interface

Our strategy for website centers around building a clear, accessible platform, intertwining Larry-aligned brand values for a compelling presence, and showcasing varied services with strategic CTAs to attract and engage potential leads.  The site narrates Larry's inspirational journey, embedding his core values to enhance the brand's trustworthiness. Additionally, it showcases insights and integrate potent calls-to-action (CTAs) to attract and engage potential leads, with content tailored to user interests to maximize engagement.

Larry McAlister's website: A digital gateway to consulting excellence

Larry McAlister's website: branding identity in action

Larry McAlister's website: branding identity in action

A digital showcase of Larry McAlister

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