HOROS stands at the forefront of refreshing Eastern horoscope practices for a new generation, blending ancient cultural wisdom with modern science. Collaborating closely with HOROS, CDA played a crucial role from the beginning, crafting a comprehensive branding strategy and visual identity that elegantly narrates HOROS' story. Our distinct visual approach seeks to narrate HOROS' singular tale in the spiritual landscape, harmoniously blending its cultural essence with a contemporary twist.

Our mood board consists of visual motifs related to Science, Universe, and Eastern Culture



A key challenge in designing for HOROS was finding the right balance between mysticism and scientific elements, leveraging Eastern influences to create a unique identity. Additionally, it was crucial to craft a trustworthy and safe vibe, addressing the concerns of a public often facing personal anxieties.

Our aim was to blend Eastern art and Vietnamese cultural essence with modern flair, creating a design that appeals to Gen Z and shines on social media, while highlighting the product's contemporary relevance and practicality.

Impressive Horos branding on physical board

When embarking on the design journey for HOROS, we began with a fundamental question: if HOROS were a person, what would their characteristics be? The common perception of Eastern Horoscope often conjures the image of an old, wise sage. Our goal was to blend the wisdom of an old, wise figure with a fresh, contemporary perspective, positioning HOROS as both a discoverer and a guiding light for personal growth and self-realization.

Brand Logo

Inspired by Eastern astrology and traditional artwork, from familiar patterns to the detailed zodiac illustrations, we've refreshed HOROS' logo to make it clearer, more visually appealing, and easier for customers to quickly connect with the brand. The updated typography gives a solid feel, while the falling star design, with its color transition, suggests change and the star's flexible movement, highlighting the mystical side of astrology. Warm, contrasting colors give HOROS a unique and new look, making it stand out in the astrology space.

Horos logo inspired by Eastern astrology and traditional artwork

Consistent branding colors of Horos

Color Pallete

Branding colors that create a consistent system for Horos

How Horos branding is applied in physical prints

Horos branding on trendy objects for the youth

Visual Motif

Collection of the 12 Zodiac Animals (Con Giáp), illustrated.

Collection of the 14 Major Stars (Chính Tinh), illustrated.

Collection of the 12 Astrological Houses (Cung), illustrated.

"The brand identity and image that CDA implemented have helped HOROS quickly define its brand personality, receiving many positive reviews and becoming a distinctive modern astrology brand in the market."

Tran Thai Duong

Founder, Horos

Typography System

Main typography of Horos enhancing brand clarity

Digital Experience

Horos website offering a unique horoscope experience

Branding system making Horos website memorable and approachable for the young

The visual and narrative elements work together to present Horos' insights in an accessible manner, inviting the audience into a story that blends mysticism with practicality. The cohesive use of cultural motifs and the engaging visual identity resonate well in the digital realm, fostering a sense of community and curiosity among followers. This strategic approach not only highlights Horos' distinct perspective but also encourages interaction and exploration.

"Alongside CDA, HOROS has successfully realized the goal of building an astrology brand that embodies traditional culture combined with a modern touch."

Tran Thai Duong

Founder, Horos

Horos with traditional branding elements featured on social media

Horos branded stationery and collectible pins

An example of Horos branding showcased on street posters

Brand Identity

Collective Design Agency

Creative Director

An Bui

Brand Designer

Tram Nguyen

Production Director

Minh Nguyen

Brand Strategist

Minh Do

Partnerships Executive

Dung Bui

Tech Director

Nam H Nguyen

Front-end Engineer

Man Nguyen

Vu N Ta

Duc Anh Nguyen

and others who have contributed to this project