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In a transformative collaboration, Ciat Agriculture Communications redefines how Mekong Delta farmers engage with key agricultural data. Spearheaded by Collective Design Agency, this initiative modernizes information delivery, establishing a dynamic connection between the organization and local farmers. Our strategic design enhances access to real-time weather updates and agricultural advisories, empowering farmers to make informed decisions and build resilience against climatic challenges.


The goal of this design project was to illustrate a modern vision of Vietnamese agriculture, integrating technology and engineering into farming practices while preserving the rich cultural heritage of Vietnamese agriculture.

mini mini design


Drawing inspiration from the expansive rice fields under the vast, open skies, this logo embodies the essence of agricultural growth and vitality. The design merges lush green fields and a clear blue sky, symbolizing the sustainable fusion of tradition and modern farming technologies.

The idea for logo concept 1 for CIAT

3 logo options under concept 1 of CIAT


This logo combines elements of agriculture, weather, nature, and humanity. It might feature a farmer working in a field under a sky with clouds and sun, surrounded by trees or mountains, capturing the harmonious relationship between farming, weather, nature, and people.

The idea for logo concept 2 for CIAT

3 logo options under concept 2 of CIAT

Final Concept

We chose Concept 1 due to its clean, picturesque style and iconic design, making it instantly recognizable and ideally suited for communicating weather forecasts to farmers.

The final logo of CIAT developed by CDA

template design concept

Concept 1

This template uses real, clear images from agriculture to give a modern and straightforward look. The design is simple yet effective, making it easy for farmers to find and use the information they need. This approach helps connect farmers more closely with the resources they rely on.

Template concept 1 for CIAT interface

Template concept 1 for CIAT interface

Concept 2

This design concept emphasizes creating a unique and engaging visual experience by infusing fun elements into the layout, aligning it more closely with the visual language of the commercial sector. By using illustrated elements and hand-drawn textures, the design covers all essential information in a single, user-friendly card.

Template concept 2 for CIAT interface

Template concept 2 for CIAT interface

Final Concept

Building on Concept 2, this final design enhances the approach with brighter colors, adding vibrancy and visual appeal to the friendly and engaging layout.

Final concept for vibrant agricultural template

visual motif

To maintain a cohesive visual identity, this design uses three main color-coded cards. The green cards provide an overview of the information, setting the stage with essential context. Teal cards focus on practical advice, detailing seasonal challenges and solutions, while the pink cards are versatile, dynamically showcasing a wide range of agricultural products and innovations.

illustration system

The illustrations in this design are carefully chosen to reflect the geographic and cultural features of each area, showcasing picturesque scenes from rural Vietnam. These visuals not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interface but also resonate with the local farming communities by depicting familiar landscapes.

Thumbnail illustrations of rural Vietnam for CIAT

Weather icon set

The weather set icon for CIAT

Header icon set

The header set icon for CIAT

Vibrant app interface of CIAT

Spot Illustration

Vibrant app interface of CIAT

CIAT app screens displaying agricultural information

Banner illustrations for CIAT app features

Brand Identity

Collective Design Agency

Creative Director

An Bui

Brand Designer

Hien Do


Minh Nguyen

Partnership Executive

Duyen "Doris" Phan

Special thanks to

Dung Viet Nguyen

and others who have contributed to this project