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This project reimagined ChongLuaDao - a non-profit project founded by HieuPC with the mission to protect Vietnamese users from ill-intentioned content and cyber scams - with a new brand identity and website. While ChongLuaDao has a functional browser extension with 40,000+ users and is widely known amongst the community, it lacks a visual system that can effectively communicate with its audience and a website that can deliver powerful digital experience. The design goal was to bring positive connotations when it comes to cybersecurity, reflect trustworthiness and assurance, and emphasize on the brand message "Safety within reach".

Tech-Inspired Visuals for ChongLuaDao moodboard



"ChongLuaDao" was founded by Vietnamese people and is dedicated to people using the Internet throughout Vietnam. Therefore, the branding system must be suitable for our culture and habits, primarily focusing on people who need to learn more about cyberspace. Not only that, the positioning image must highlight the professionalism, modernity, prestige, and bright future the founders aim for.

To enhance the value and positioning of “ChongLuaDao”, Collective Studio has retained the main identity elements combined with visual language to emphasize the technological aspect and redistribute the motifs with Vietnamese characters to match the core values ​​of the campaign.

Visual Concepts

Two concepts developed for Chongluadao

After our conversation, we narrowed down to Concept A as the most fitting design. This modern interpretation features a stylized star, reminiscent of the Vietnamese flag, encircling the letter "a." This curve represents user protection, symbolically integrating the Vietnamese ethos of "an toàn, an tâm, an ninh" – safety, peace, and security. This choice seamlessly blends tech-integrated design with cultural depth.

Finalizing concept A for ChongLuaDao logo design

ChongLuaDao color schem

Typography System

The Space Grotesk typeface was selected for its enhanced legibility even at challenging scales while bringing some technological essence.

Space Grotesk Typeface for Enhanced Readabilit

Typography for ChongLuaDao branding

Visual Motifs

ChongLuaDao Visual Motif for Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness

ChongLuaDao Brand Applications

Although our primary focus was on crafting a digital-centric brand identity, we also ventured into experimenting with its application in print formats.

ChongLuaDao Brand Applications

ChongLuaDao Brand Applications

ChongLuaDao Brand Applications

ChongLuaDao Brand Applications

ChongLuaDao digital applications

ChongLuaDao digital applications

ChongLuaDao digital applications

Brand Identity

Collective Design Agency

Creative Director

An Bui

Production Director

Minh Nguyen

Brand Strategist

Mai Vu

Special thanks to

Anh Nguyen

and others who have contributed to this project