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3A Logistics, specializing in imports and exports with an extensive network across northern Vietnam, collaborated with CDA to extend their brand beyond the existing logo. Our team developed a suite of physical and digital deliverables designed to enhance 3A Logistics’ global brand presence. The project focused on creating coherent and engaging brand materials that support the company’s expansion efforts, helping to position 3A Logistics as a trustworthy partner in international logistics for businesses.



3A Logistics already stands out in the logistics industry with a distinct logo and a strong, nautical-themed color palette. However, the brand faced challenges in fully leveraging its visual identity to communicate its core values—reliability, proactiveness, expertise, efficiency, and trustworthiness.

In addressing 3A Logistics' challenges, CDA focused on expanding the existing visual elements into a comprehensive branding system that supports global expansion efforts.

logo anatomy

The logo lays the foundation for 3A Logistics branding effort: which consists of a symbol, wordmark and a tagline (Agility, Adaptability, Alignment). The symbol is a letter mark of “3A" stylized from a paper plane and icons associated with nautical navigation (compass, ship hull).

3A Logistics logo, originally designed by Erick Phan

color palette

typography system

visual system

The visual system of 3A Logistics draws inspiration from the geometric folding lines of a paper airplane and the intricate routes of sea and air shipments, symbolizing the ease of movement and simplicity in 3A’s logistical approach. This design choice not only projects a youthful playfulness but also conveys precision, agility, and endless adaptability, aligning seamlessly with the brand's commitment to efficient and reliable service delivery.

brand applications

digital experience

As part of this engagement, we also designed a website concept for 3A Logistics that effectively mirrors their commitment to simplifying complex logistics with precision and agility. The website showcases a sleek, modern interface that reflects 3A's streamlined logistics services. Utilizing the visual motifs inspired by paper plane geometry and the dynamic routes of sea and air shipment, the site offers an intuitive user experience that guides visitors through 3A's extensive service offerings with ease. Strategic placement of dynamic content, such as motion graphics and carefully curated imagery that ties back to the Vietnamese landscape, serves to engage users while reinforcing 3A's identity as a flexible and reliable logistics provider.

Brand Extension & Website Design

Collective Design Agency

Creative Director

An Bui


Minh Nguyen

Partnerships Executive

Duyen Phan

UX/UI Designer

Tram Nguyen

Special thanks to

Quan Ho

Dong Bui

and others who have contributed to this project